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GDB_E_I | PCB Design

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 4, 2015

GDB E-Series Mark I

At Solar System Express (Sol-x) we decided to revolutionize the high-level prototyping experience. We understand the cost and time requirements associated with prototyping new technology. That’s why we invented the GDB. The E Series is the first of a three part series of multifunctional project development boards that will allow for quicker and thus cheaper prototyping. Our efficient open source software controls all the open source hardware, creating a high level hardware API. The large and open source Object Exchange (OBEX) of the CPU also allows for the easy addition of software functions.

Designed as tool for developing hardware and software systems, the GDB is the first space tolerant, open hardware prototyping board that can sense and control its environment. Optimized to eliminate high development costs and decrease time spent prototyping, the GDBs rich design capabilities will empower engineers, designers, teachers, students and small businesses to create in an environment limited only by their imaginations. Like the Arduino, it operates across- platforms (Microsoft, Linux, Mac) and yet provides an unparalleled intuitive programming environment for beginners and professionals alike.

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