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RPi LiPo UPS | PCB Design

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 4, 2015

Warning: Work in progress!!!

This board combines a LiPo charger with a boost regulator powerful enough to power a Raspberry Pi. In addition, the boost charger is controlled by an ATmega328, wired to be Arduino compliant. The ATmega can receive charge and done signals from the charger, IR signals from the IR detector, and pushes on the button. It can enable the boost regulator, which powers on the RPi, and light a couple of status lights. It also connects to six RPi GPIO pins, including the correct pins for a SPI connection. This allows the RPi to signal its shutdown to the charger so it can disable the boost regulator. The ATmega can be programmed directly via the ICSP header or, if the Arduino bootloader is installed, via the Arduino GUI and an FTDI friend.

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