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Arduino Mega 2560 Sequencer Interface | PCB Design

Arduino Mega 2560 Sequencer Interface
Version 2 - Last update: Oct 5, 2015

Arduino Connector board for 32 note analog-style sequencer

This is the main connector board that connects a number of daughterboards to the Arduino. The purpose is a 32 note 'analog' sequencer similar to the Moon m569. The connected boards are: MIDI IO - for MIDI in/out. 4051 MUX Breakout board - for reading 32 potentiometers. 2x MCP23017 breakout boards for reading 48 3-state switches. Max7219 Breakout supporting 40 LED's. Other on-board circuits are: 15V->12V power regulator (powering the system from a power connector). 3 extra pots (mode, tempo, gate length). 3 Pushbuttons for Start/stop, Shift, Reset. Note that this could probably be done on an UNO, but I suspect I need the memory on the Mega so I'm going with that one.

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