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WS281x (NeoPixel) Digital LED Connection & Protection Board | PCB Design

WS281x (NeoPixel) Digital LED Connection & Protection Board
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 27, 2015

A versatile little board for connecting and protecting NeoPixel (WS281xx LED) devices.

To be attached between the micro controller and NeoPixel device (strip, stick, matrix, etc…), this little board allows for easy implementation of multiple protection methods including diode clamps, series resistor, and "BFC". This board also allows the designer to take advantage of as many or as few protection methods as desired; it is engineered to be versatile.

The board has 5 pins on each side (input/microcontroller & output/NeoPixels) for convenience and more versatility. A minimum of 3 should be used. The "extra" two pins allow for greater isolation of power and signal grounds, multiple power supplies, and attachment of the "BFC".

For more on theory, see:

Three, five, or three & two-pin JST connectors can be attached directly to the output of the board to allow extremely simple connection with stock connectors on 5-meter reels of the NeoPixel Strips.

*RData may be jumpered with wire or 0 ohm resistor if no series resistance is desired.

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