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Audio Switch | Electronics Lab

Audio Switch
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 27, 2015

Relay Board to swap between two balanced audio inputs.

I'm attempting to build an Arduino (and then hopefully USB) controlled switch board for the community radio station I volunteer at because the current switch is manual and we need to unlock a door to gain access to it.

The idea is to have one relay to turn on a power supply to activate 4 (or 6) relays to change from the default (which is studio 1) input, to the activated (normally studio 2) input. I'm expecting that the whole thing goes back to default when the power is cut, making this a temporary solution for studio switching in the event the technicians need to do work on any equipment on studio 1 that requires the studio to be disconnected (my station has one primary and one backup for times we need to work in the 1st without taking us off air).

I'm planning on having it fit inside a 1RU box so it can be rack mountable, as well as having it's own internal 12v power supply so that the station can use one of the many (not kidding, we have 2 boxes full) computer power cables lying around. If the Arduino can activate the first relay on the power supply, for the supply to activate the audio relays, I think it will make my job building this a lot easier.

I'm assuming that other can read this (first time here, been meaning to for some time, only just got an Arduino, actually have the Freetronics Eleven kit from my local Jaycar supplier), so any tips would be really appreciated. "Just the tip" - Sterling Archer, Archer, S1E1.

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