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PaintBot | Electronics Lab

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 27, 2015

A robot to spray paint lines on the ground controlled by Arduino Mega but show single drive circuit with Arduino Uno

A four wheeled robot that is designed to paint lines on the ground using a can of spray paint. It has one motor for each wheel of the four wheels as well as an encoder for every wheel. The robot will spay the paint at the appropriate coordinate by way of a linear actuator to depress the inverted can of spray paint; thus, creating a line beneath it as described within it's programmed Arduino Mega.

The Arduino Mega is the controller which will (1) track position utilizing data from four separate rotary encoders, (2) send PWM to four separate motor speed controllers to attain the proper position and follow the appropriate path while painting, and (3) engage and disengage the spray paint along the length of the desired lines.

Given the limited PWM ports on the Arduino Uno, this design will only address the spray actuator and a single wheel circuit.

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