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micro h-bridge v2 | PCB Design

micro h-bridge v2
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 3, 2015

I saw this instructable: DigitalAnalog-Clock-Arduino-PaperCraft , and I thought that using 28 servos for the effect was a bit expensive and overkill, when tiny home-made solenoids could do the task for a fraction of the cost and space. However, I'm not willing to risk killing my Arduino with back-EMF, even if my tiny solenoids might not produce enough to worry about.

I thought that a tiny h-bridge, meant for low-voltage and low-amperage use for very light-weight applications, might be good to have.

micro h-bridge v2 has the same schematic as micro h-bridge v1, but changed diode footprint and pattern for about 25% smaller board. Doesn't look like an h-bridge visually anymore, but it is about as squished into a small space as I can get it without putting components on the bottom layer (which isn't supported yet that I can see).

I'll have to go digging around for different components, find even smaller diodes and resistors, maybe use the smaller 2mm headers instead of the .1 inch ones, if I want a smaller board. If I can get those, and use backside components, and probably a 4 layer board, I just might be able to halve the board space.

Yes, I might be crazy. :-)

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