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RPi Board 2013 07 01 002 | PCB Design

RPi Board 2013 07 01 002
Version 1 - Last update: Nov 2, 2015

Adj regulator has error in layout - SOT223 pins 1 & 3 are swapped.

D0 of 5V regulator module is to close to mounting hole. Rotate 45Deg, or convert to SMT diod and rotate 90Deg

Cutouts for enclosure are to close. Re-measure enclosure and adjust cutouts.

Board could be bigger in all directions by .10"

footprint for DS3231S is not SOIC16

HCNR200 A and D have an open between shunt resistor and input

For thermistor input switch to 10K in series with Therm and 10K parallel with therm to ground.

For analog input need input voltage divider to MCP6004 to reduce max input voltage to 2.5V

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