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4 digits display board [eagle pcb ver.] | PCB Design

4 digits display board [eagle pcb ver.]
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 26, 2015

This is a board which uses an ATtiny 2313 to control the two 4051 multiplexers of my 4 digits display module; it features an ICSP header, used to program the ATtiny, and two complementary headers; the two complementary headers are going to be used to connect two or more of these boards together, and to communicate with the ATtiny, as well as to give power to the board.

The female header is directly connected to the UART interface of the ATtiny, and it will be used as a full duplex communication line with another microcontroller or, say, an USB to RS232 converter, to easily communicate with a PC.

The male header is connected to pins PORTD 0 and 1, which will be used to emulate another serial port to be used as a full duplex line to control another display board, to chain more of these boards together to obtain a bigger displa occupying only one serial port on your microcontroller, PC or whatever you're going to use this board with!

I still have to write a firmware for this board so take this at your very own risk! I ordered today tjree of these boards, to test them and eventually to write a proto firmware for them. As soon as I get one of these boards up and running, I will lay down a simple protocol to use the daisy chain efficiently. Stay tuned!

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