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GSF | Electronics Lab

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 5, 2015

How to use infrared LEDs to transmit signals, then timing the results of said signal. This is for my Google Science Fair Project, and this is a great way to experiment without having to use the actual parts.

The infrared LEDs are controlled via the ATMega328, but for now I will be using the regular Arduino Uno. They are set to transmit at 9600 Mbps, and they transmit a signal every 10 seconds. It also starts the timer in milliseconds. On the other side, the Arduino receives this information, and sends the same signal back. If the time taken from first transmission to the received signal = the normal time taken from first transmission and received ( which will represented as val), then nothing will happen. But if the time to receive the signals is greater, then the Arduino that has hooked up a RF transmitter and receiver on its TX and RX pins will sound a signal to a computer or another separate Arduino, and giving information.

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