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xyControl | PCB Design

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 26, 2015


xyControl is a Quadrocopter Flight Controller based on Atmels Atmega2560 microcontroller.
It features 64KB SRAM on-board, using the external memory interface of this processor.
Also included is a switched power supply as well as a USB connection to communicate with and program the target.
All I/O pins, including 3 additional UARTs, SPI, I2C (TWI) and 16 ADC Channels, are accessible via standard 2.54mm connectors.
The Board can be powered from an external stable 5V supply, USB or 7V or more, via the on-board switched power supply. All voltage sources can be selected via jumpers.

Known Problems

In the current PCB layout, the SD-Card holder is rotated 180 degrees. This prevents an SD-Card from being inserted!



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