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Tinyino | PCB Design

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 3, 2015


An "Arduino" like circuit based on ATTiny85. The circuit can be programmed via ISP (an Arduino board can be used for this) and it supports Arduino commands as well. Attiny85 has 5 I/O pins (2 can support PWM operation), 1 reset pin and 2 pins for power supply (Vcc & Gnd). There is no need for external oscillator (crystal or resonator). More info about the functions and programming can be found on _

According to this document the following Arduino IDE commands are supported:

A great microcontroller layout can be here: ATTiny Layout created by pighixxx

Its a simple a quick solution for applications where a micro-controller with few pins is needed and its cost is lower than an Arduino.

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