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StreamMonitor | PCB Design

Version 1 - Last update: Oct 3, 2015

Four sensors (pressure, light, temperature, and battery voltage) let us measure stream flow, turbidity, and water temp.
  1. Pressure: a 100kPa gage pressure sensor lets us measure depth up to 33 feet, accurately enough to predict stream flow when a depth-discharge (rating) curve is developed for the stream cross section where it is placed.
  2. Light sensor: combined with a 470nm (green) LED placed 1 inch away inside a tube through which water continuously flows, the log-scale resistive light sensor acts as an in-stream colorimeter to predict stream turbidity.
  3. Temperature: A -40C to 100C temperature sensor measures water temp directly.
  4. Power: battery voltage (after scaling) is read directly to output power status. With a direct continuous measurement of battery power, a battery pack can be custom made to provide adequate revisit periods.

The entire sensor package can be fitted inside a PVC pipe, along with an XBee radio to provide ADC and radio modem capability. An attached small-diameter silicone tubing lead provides differential pressure for the pressure sensor and a duct for the XBee antenna wire. This complete package can then be anchored directly in the stream bed and the silcone tube brought to the stream bank and buried. The XBee radio can be put to sleep to enable a (4) D-cell battery pack to last ~60 days.

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