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SRAM 1Bit Module | PCB Design

SRAM 1Bit Module
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 26, 2015

One whole bit of SRAM! Imagine the things you could store on this! On or Off? Yes or No? MUCH clearer states than a Magic 8-Ball! No refresh required as long as it has power, infinite reads and writes!

Joking aside, this is mostly an educational piece. The LED is on for one and off for zero. I tried very hard to make this circuit single-layer and small. The pads could be removed and a bus can run on the bottom layer to chain these together for larger memory modules. An 8 bit byte would not be terribly cumbersome, but in a classroom, holding a bit, and progressively imagining a Kilobyte (8 thousand of these!) a Megabyte (8 million of these!) a Gigabyte (8 Billion of these!)... what an eye opener!

"How much room would your favorite song take up?"

Will probably do an SRAM byte next. May do DRAM later.

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