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water level controller | Electronics Lab

water level controller
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 5, 2015

automated motor control w.r.t to overhead tank and ground tank

this circuit automatically on/off the motor by comparing the water level in both overhead and ground tank.Three switches are kept at low,medium and high positions of both tanks, totally six switches which first three from right represents hightank,mediumtank,lowtank, and next three represent low groundtank,mediumgroundtank,highground tank respectively. byswitching any of one switch of a tank low position is set,if any two medium,if all three of the same tank then it is high.when all switches are on motor runs until groundtank becomes empty or headtank becomes full.when head tank becomes full the motor will not on until headtank level reaches empty.whle pumping the water to the headtank if ground tank level reaches empty, the motor gets on when the ground tank level is high this circuit motor is represented as led.sorry for my english ,hope you understand my circuit. any suggestions are welcomed.

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