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Arduino PWM LED shield | PCB Design

Arduino PWM LED shield
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 26, 2015

[single|dual] 3-channel PWM drivers for 12V RGB LED modules with two optional analog inputs.

This shield can drive [1 set|2 sets] of RGB LEDs from the hardware PWM pins 9, 10, 11. Using 2N7000 MOSFETs, it can sink up to 200mA per PWM channel (color). Using typical 12V-friendly encapsulated RGB LED models, this works out to 2 modules per set of MOSFETs [or 4 modules total, driven as independent pairs].

Additionally, pads are provided for two potentiometers for two independent analog inputs. By attaching them as voltage dividers, it doesn't matter if they are 5K Ohms or 500K Ohms - they will provide proportional value on analog inputs A0 and A1

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