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RasPi_Quadrocopter | PCB Design

Version 1 - Last update: Nov 2, 2015

This is a circuit that I am working on to control my quadrocopter from a Raspberry Pi computer. There is a PCA9685 IC that will generate PWM signals to drive the brushless DC controllers. There is also a header to connect a MPU6050 IMU module that you can find very cheaply on ebay. I also included two leds for troubleshooting.

UPDATE: Made two small mistakes (Raspberry Pi should be powered to GPIO pins instead of USB & connectors to ESC should be 2.54mm spacing). I will edit once I receive my boards and can test them properly. I'll try to put some info on

Here are some pictures:

C code for the MPU6050 and the PCA9685 + Pi can be found here:\_RPI

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