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Arduino Nano | PCB Design

Arduino Nano
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 26, 2015

This board will connect to an Arduino nano board. In addition, a ZMDI Sensor chip ZSC31014 will need to be placed on the board so that the Arduino can communicate to it via the I2C bus. The purpose of the PCB is to provide a prototype system for testing the ZSC31014 with a variety of pressure sensors and strain gauges. The data connected from the ZSC31014 by the Arduino will be sent out the Arduino's serial port to another system for monitoring and data collection during live testing of the sensors and strain gauges.

The board design will provide a test platform for an Arduino Nano board and the ZMDI Sensor chip ZSC31014 to aid in the testing of pressure sensors and strain gauges. The Arduino will control the communication to the ZSC31014 via I2C communication and return all measurement data to an external system via the Arduino serial communication port.

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