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Wemos D1 mini P1 port shield v4 CT | PCB Design

Wemos D1 mini P1 port shield v4 CT
Version 1 - Last update: Sep 25, 2016

P1 Smart meter port shield for the Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 board.

This board allows interfacing between a (Dutch) Smart Meter to an ESP8266 board (that runs ESPEasy, see allowing the Smart Meter data to be recorded remotely (wirelessly), for instance in Domoticz ( The board is suitable for all Dutch Smart Meters. For some (L+G 350, ISKRA), a jumper needs to be installed.
Optionally an I2C Oled display (0.96") can be mounted. ESPEasy can display text on the display, and so can Domoticz.

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