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Max7219 Breakout Board | PCB Design

Max7219 Breakout Board
Version 4 - Last update: Jun 23, 2017

Maxim 7219 Breakout Board

This board breaks out 40 individual LED's from a Maxim 7219 using MTA 100 connectors C1=Electrolytic 10uF C2=Electrolytic 0.1uF R1=30kOhm

Rev.2 : Fixed some labeling errors - the input pins were labeled wrong.

When tested I realized that the rows are addressed as column 1 - 5 and the columns are addressed as row 0-4. I knew rows and columns where switched but didn't realized I that DP is the first segment, not seg. A.

To use with the LedControlMS library:


int dataPin = 11; int clkPin = 13; int loadPin = 10; int numDevices = 1; LedControl led = LedControl(dataPin, clkPin, loadPin, numDevices); // (11, 13, 10, 1)

void setup() { led.shutdown(0, false); led.setIntensity(0, 10); led.clearDisplay(0); }

void loop() { for (int row=0; row<5; row++) { for (int col=0; col<8; col++) { LEDControl(row, col, true); delay(200); LEDControl(row, col, false); } } }

void LEDControl(int row, int col, boolean state) { led.setLed(0, col, row+1, state); }

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