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Upcycled defect analog dj-mixer to usb-midi-controller | Electronics Lab

Upcycled defect analog dj-mixer to usb-midi-controller
Version 3 - Last update: Oct 26, 2015

I've found a very old and defect analog DJ-Mixer. So I just cut the existing bonds and contacts to the faders on the old circuit board. After that I've connected the fader Pins with the analog inputs of my Arduino. The Controller checks if some fader changes value, if it happens, he send a controller change MIDI-Message over Serial. Well I didn't found a MIDI-Connector here, so if you want to try my circuit you have to connect it to digitalt I/O 1 (Tx). Like this : If you want Midi over USB not over Serial, you have to find a working driver. I just used this:

Defect analog dj-mixer modified to usb-midi-controller. ...Read the Summary...

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