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NPN Transitor LED Blink | Electronics Lab

NPN Transitor LED Blink
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 17, 2015

Demo of the working of A NPN Transistor using a LED

The Pin 8 Of The Arduino Is Connected To The Base Of The Transistor, The Center. The 5v Pin Is Connected To The Collector Of The Transistor And The Ground Is Connected To The Cathode Of The LED. The Emitter Of The Transistor is connected to the anode of The LED. In The Arduino Code, The loop() Function, Sets Pin 8 to High , Waits 1 Second , Resets Pin 8 to Low , which Continues in a loop. When Power Is Applied To The Base Of The Transistor,Collector Is Connected To The Emitter and turns on the LED. When Power Is cut off To The Base, Collector Is Disconnected From The Emitter which turns off LED.

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