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Periodic Wave Generation and Fundamental Wave Extraction | Electronics Lab

Periodic Wave Generation and Fundamental Wave Extraction
Version 2 - Last update: Oct 18, 2015

We use the original The Capacitor 2 Basic Filtering from 123D, which helps demonstrate some basic waveform filtering and gives you the opportunity to make dynamic adjustments to the input waveform, as well as to the potentiometer in series with the filtering capacitor. Once the wave form is generated, adjust it for 50 Hz and the second Arduino will sample the wave and calculates its mean value and its fundamental phasor (amplitude in amperes and angle in radians). The results are displayed on the Serial Monitor. This technique is an introduction to the Instantaneous Space Phasor (ISP) technique which allows extraction of any Fourier order of the original wave that may be extended for balanced or unbalanced, sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal, three-phase power systems. This technique is also used by the author to calculate quantities according to the IEEE 1459-Stda. More can be seen at Attention: The filter must be adjusted for cuttoff frequency of 11 th order. 1) Press Start Simulation 2) Turn the LEFT potentiometer to adjust FREQUENCY (advise starting at the 2 o-clock position) 3) Turn the RIGHT to adjust DUTY CYCLE (advise starting at the 12 o-clock position) 4) Turn the TOP potentiometer to adjust the R in the RC filter. 5) Click on the Code Editor, then click on the Serial Monitor if you want to see the period, duty cycle, and frequency.

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