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Nerfduino Prototype v1 | Electronics Lab

Nerfduino Prototype v1
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 17, 2015

Nerf Stryfe controlled by an Arduino. PWM motor control, round counter, and dart chronograph.

I started with cracking open the Stryfe and connecting the motor, battery, and switch wiring (except for the jam clear door) to an RJ45 jack. A small dongle, which hides under the stock, allows normal operation.

A breadboard sits between a hacked up RJ45 cable and an Arduino Uno R3 with LCD (16x2) keypad shield. This configuration provides a testbed for PWM motor control and IR chronograph experiments.

The goal is to develop a sketch and PCB that can be embedded, along with an Arduino Nano, into any flywheel-based blaster.

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