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Arduino RGB LED Slot Machine | Electronics Lab

Arduino RGB LED Slot Machine
Version 1 - Last update: Sep 25, 2016

This in an Arduino run slot machine using RGB LED output.

Not quite a finished project.

I used some code I found in (RGB LED Tutorial (using an Arduino) (RGBL) by oomlout) on (See link below), added it to my own and made changes to fit this project. I'm using Common Cathode RGB LEDs so the code had to be changed and, of course, I'm using different pins for my LEDs. I changed his main program area into a Function and added the spin button. It works quite well and I used an odd number in the for loop.

Press the button to spin!


I've added a blinking LED(White) on my prototype (no white in this program), with a 220ohm resistor it is a nice bright flash.

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