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Golf Cart Controller | PCB Design

Golf Cart Controller
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 4, 2015

This circuit is designed to monitor, log, and display current and voltage for an electric golf cart. Monitor charge state of battery, and report other telemetry: Ambient temperature/humidity, temperature of the motor and speed controller. Also has the option for"fly by wire" throttle control. Most electric golf carts use a 0-5v POT box for the throttle control. This is a convenient range to work with in Arduino and other microcontrollers. This gives the option to feed the POT box in to an analog pin, then control the golf carts' speed controller with a PWM pin. With this, we have options to throttle back in overcurrent situations, or to limit top speed in the event we are very low on remaining battery power. Because PWM response time is critical when we are dealing with throttle response, I am breaking out the throttle I/O to a separate ATtiny85, which will be dedicated to that job.

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