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PIR Motion activated stair lights | Electronics Lab

PIR Motion activated stair lights
Version 1 - Last update: Oct 4, 2015

This set up does not need an Arduino Items Needed (These Items Fit In A Small Project Box) Project Box, P.I.R.(5-20v model), 7805 Voltage Regulator, Heat Sink , NPN Transistor 2N2222, 200 R Resistor, 500 R to 1k Resistor (Indicator LED Brightness), L.E.D. , L.E.D Bezel, On/Off Switch, 40 cm wire , These Are External 12v Power Source, SMD Strip lights, Wire to suite your personal set up

I use this to control lights on my stairs, It activates when it detects movement and will stay on until there is no movement is present , It activates from both the top and the bottom of the steps all from 1 PIR sensor, My total cost including 5m smd lights (only used 1.3 m) is only around 10.00

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