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Version 4 - Last update: Jun 29, 2015

Specifics: ATTiny25/45/85, 512 bytes RAM.

The ATTiny requires an external voltage supplied across pin 8 (VCC) and pin 4 (GND).

Minimum voltage = 2.7V (will allow the ATtiny85 @ 8MHz).
Maximum voltage 6V.

Components such as LEDs that are connected to the ATtiny’s GPIO pins will draw their current through the ATtiny's VCC pin. Note: previous versions of the ATTiny simulation implied there was a 5V source at each GPIO pin. Therefore when the ATTiny sets a pin “high” that pin’s voltage will match VCC.

Therefore if you are powering the ATTiny with a 3.0V coin cell battery there is a chance you will draw-down the batteries voltage below 2.7V and the ATTiny will go into a brown-out reset state. This behavior accurately simulates a physical ATTiny + coin cell battery combination. Adding a small current limiting resistor between GPIO and LED is advisable if you experience brown-outs: 36 ohms.

Datasheet: ATtiny.pdf
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